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Carolina Miners Announced as Rebels National Partner Program

The Rebels Lacrosse Club out of Long Island, NY is one of the fastest growing clubs in the United States right now, with multiple projects coming together at a rapid pace. It is tremendous to see like-minded individuals coming together with the same philosophy on how to grow the game and the ability to optimize the skill level of youth lacrosse. The announcement of the partnership with Joey Sankey’s Team 11, has caught the attention of other clubs looking for National Programs to get involved with. The Rebels Lacrosse programs are reaching multiple regions of the United States and the list continues to get bigger!

The newest partner program comes from North Carolina as one of the top programs in the state. The Carolina Miners, owned and operated by Mike Habel, are in the tenth year of their program and are committed to bettering individuals on and off the field. More important than the product on the field, Miners Lacrosse is predicated on making better men and women out of the boys and girls wearing their jersey. Miners are student-athletes: in that order, non-negotiable. Mike went on to say, “We were looking for National opportunities for our players and followed the lead of Joey Sankey who we trust and have a relationship with.” With this partnership, the Miners program can now provide their best players the opportunity to play on a national stage and grow the brand of lacrosse they have cultivated in Charlotte.

Mike Brennan, owner of the Rebels Lacrosse Club, was ecstatic to have someone like Mike Habel and the Carolina Miners organization join forces with what the Rebels are continuing to build up. “Mike Habel is a great person with a very like-minded lacrosse ideology. The Miners being in Carolina brings us another strategic demographic of lacrosse. It helps to continue our goal to get hot-bed lacrosse areas with great program leaders”, he would add. The Miners have created an exceptional program and have one of the best teams in the country with their 2024 group.

As of now, the combination of relationships and trust is what is the driving force behind the development of the Rebels National partner program. All hands on board, the program continues to search for clubs that are looking for similar output from their players and coaches. The common denominator in this process is the love for the game and the ideology of developing players from top to bottom constantly driven by the same goal: to be the best players on the field and in the classroom.



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